Additional standard kitchen equipment are intalled to meet requirment number of employees and these are in smooth operation with satisfactory effedt.
Inspector are carrying out inspection to the kitchens and cateen several times everyday Weekly
menu is being prepared and posted in the canteen with adquate nutrition.
suggestion box are fixed in the canyeen to collect suggestions from employees and to make i mprovement. All bowls and chopsticks are being sterilized.
There are 5cars in our Transportation Dept. which provide efficient transfortation service to our daily operation regarding :
4 seats Car Business Dept. & Guests
8 seats car commuter mini bus
5 ton truck Trading, shipping, customs affairs & Local delivery
1.4 ton truck Engineering, Purchasing, food....
5 tone Fork-lift truck Work-shop daily using
Traning Policy :
To upgrade the quailty of workers and supervisors so as to increase their capability to meet the production requirment.
Human resources is the key asset of the factory
Unqualified persons after training must be rejected or rearranged
On-the-job training for production knoweledge, safety, fire-fighting.
Establish good image and goodwill of our company as well as Customer reputation.
Traning Method :
Special training arranged by management dept. conducted by qualified trainers. Invite the department manager to give lecctures.
Traning by stages and by section jointy Off duty traning applied short term and long term training Training by grades : workers, staff, supervisors,,,
Classroom training and field training Tailor made by ourselves and collection and selections from outside sources. Seminars and Video shows